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Things to Do in Ocean Park, WA

Ocean Park, Washington is in the middle of the Washington peninsula, and as such, it makes for the perfect secluded vacation town. Because it's so far away from the hustle and bustle of the city, people retreat here when they want a few days to clear their minds.

While you may just want to spend your days relaxing in our cute cottages or vibing on the beach, there are plenty of attractions to keep you busy in between your wind-down time. The activities on offer are perfect for someone who likes to explore their surroundings, discover new things, and embrace the peaceful, mildly-paced lifestyle of a cottage town.

Clam Digging

There isn't necessarily a clam season, but some months may be more fruitful than others when it comes to clam digging. The best time of day to clam dig is a couple of hours before low tide, which ranges day by day. You may also read up on the latest clam digging news.

Razor Clams are highly sought after. Make sure you bring your necessary clam digging equipment so you can do the job right, the gear should be placed in an accessible spot when you head to the beach.

Keep up with any regulations imposed by the Washington State government so you can collect the right amount of interesting creatures. Anyone 15 or older must have a clam digging license. You'll find one of those through the government website.

Loomis Lake State Park

This cute lake on the peninsula is a great place to go swimming, fishing, or kayaking. Some people may not understand the appeal of doing these things when the ocean is just minutes away, but there are some good reasons people might like Loomis Lake better.

Because it's a lake, there aren't strong waves like the ones you find in the ocean. Additionally, fishermen who don't have equipment for ocean fishing may have fishing poles and bait that work better for lake fishing.

Ocean Park Shopping

Souvenir shopping is key for any vacation, and Ocean Park has a couple of shops to explore. However, you may do well to explore Long Beach, Washington for your more in-depth shopping experience.

Jack's Country Store

Address: 26006 Vernon Ave, Ocean Park
Hours: 7AM - 7PM
Products: Western

Eden's Bouquet

Address: 101 Pacific Ave S, Long Beach
Hours: 10AM - 5PM
Products: Clothing and Jewelry


Address: 115 Pacific Ave, Long Beach
Hours: 10:30AM - 6PM
Products: Candy

Bay Gallery

Address: 1406 Bay Ave, Ocean Park
Hours: 10AM - 5PM
Products: Art

Okies Grocery's

Address: 1820 Bay Ae, Ocean Park
Hours: 7AM - 8PM
Products: Grocery

Forgotten Treasures Antiques and Collectibles

Address: 1910 Bay Ave, Ocean Park
Hours: 10AM - 4PM
Products: Antique Shop

Long Beach Shopping

Long Beach's attractions are a little bit different than your standard shops. Many of them sell a particular kind of product. Kites, cranberries, and oddities are just a few of the things you'll find in Long Beach.

Marsh's Free Museum

Address: 26006 Vernon Ave, Ocean Park
Hours: 10AM - 5PM
Products: Eclectic

Wind World

Address: 101 Pacific Ave S, Long Beach
Hours: 10AM - 5PM
Products: Kites

Cranberry Museum

2907 Pioneer Rd, Long Beach
Hours: 10:00 - 4PM (Mondya, Friday - Sunday)
Products: Cranberries

Ocean Park, Washington Beaches

For fans of fishing, Ocean Park will have everything you need at Jack's Country Store. Not only do they have bait and tackle shops, rentals, and a bunch of coastal space just begging to be fished from, but they have dedicated fishing captains who will ferry you out to the open ocean for a day of fishing fun.

All you need to do is make sure you have a Washington Fishing License so you can legally catch and keep the aquatic creatures you snag. The best part? You can buy one conveniently online.

Baker Bay Fishing

There are a couple of fishing charters that we highly recommend. They are partners that are located in the same building past Long Beach. Check them out!

Salty Dog SportfishingAddress: 185 Howerton Ave, Ilwaco, WA
In-Season: 5AM - 7PM
Off-Season: 8AM - 5PM

Sea Breeze Charters
Address: Same as Above
5AM - 5PM

Horseback Riding the Washington Coast

You may have had a long walk on the beach, but have you done horse? Horseback riding stables are all over the peninsula, but you'll find a majority of them in Long Beach. Here, you'll walk with a guide to see the beautiful Washington coastline.

If you go, plan for a sunset walk. It's the perfect way to add a pinch of romance to your vacation. Start planning your horseback riding adventure today!
As you can see, Ocean Park has a lot to offer its guests! Ocean Park has plenty of attractions for tourists wanting to fill up their itinerary, but it also beckons you to relax and enjoy the soft sand of the beach. You have freedom here! That's what makes it so amazing.