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While you won't need to leave Ocean Park for most of the relaxing activities, you may want to know what's beyond our small corner of the peninsula. Find the best things to do nearby!

The Best Things to Do in Ocean Park, WA

Ocean Park, Washington is in the middle of the Washington peninsula, and as such, it makes for the perfect secluded vacation town.

Because it's so far away from the hustle and bustle of the city, people retreat here when they want a few days to clear their minds. While you may just want to spend...
Leadbetter Point State Park

The Washington Peninsula is an isolated playground for those wanting a cozy trip. Leadbetter Point State Park is even quieter than Ocean Park and has hiking trails and fishing opportunities for a perfect afternoon.
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Willapa National Wildlife Refuge

At this beautiful refuge, you'll be able to walk through some gorgeous scenery. Birdwatchers come from across the country to spot the seafowl and birds of prey that soar through the trees here.
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Best Museums in Long Beach, WA

The Washington peninsula is a historical place, with a lot cools sites. Different exhibits include cranberry demonstrations, an interactive maritime museum, and a peek into the oyster industry.
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Fun Beach Fun Center

If you're looking for something high-speed that your children will enjoy, head to the Fun Beach Fun Center! You'll be able to ride and race go-karts. Who in your family has the grit of a racer? It's time to find out here in Long Beach.
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Funland Long Beach

Do you have a house full of gamers? They may love the retro feel of the local Funland Arcade. Play classic video games, win tickets, and see if you can grab a big prize!
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Neptune Movie House

While you could watch movies on your phone in the Shakti Cove Cottages, sometimes it's fun to go to the movie theater, scarf down popcorn and enjoy the big screen!
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Scoopers Market

Probably the best ice cream parlor on the Washington Peninsula, Scoopers has a myriad of delicious flavors that you can taste. Just don't sample too much ice cream, or you'll be stuffed before dinner!
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Surfside Golf Course

The local golf course has everything you need for a peaceful day on the greens. Golf cart and club rentals, a driving range, a cafe, and up to 18 holes to work through? Sounds like paradise.
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